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Feminist Graffiti from the 1970s [x]

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'Some Girls Are Just Born With Glitter In Their Veins'

I had so much fun teaching Glitter make-up skills & techniques at The School of Make-up based in Manchester, the school I will be teaching at over the next year.

Givenchy models brought a whole new meaning to radiant skin at Paris Fashion Week this year with their faces covered in Swarovski crystals & sequins! Created by my favourite make-up artist Pat McGrath.
(Apparently it took over 40 pairs of hands and 12 hours to create the design!)

I was so inspired by Pat McGrath design I took elements of the Givenchy look and re created my own glitter version with a galaxy optical illusion effect. I wanted it to look like the models skin was taken away and replaced with glitter. The SOM students & myself had so much fun with all that glitter, I am not too sure the model enjoyed washing all that glitter off at the end of the day though!

Keep a look out for more glitter creations I will be creating this year…


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New plan. I’m gonna charm her.

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how fuckin cute do i look rn


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ringo showing us dat leg

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"Whoa! They’re trippin’ on your flippin’. Keep going, girl!"

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